Common Lies Told About Today’s Music Industry

Christopher Sabec Music Industry liesDigital Music News comes to us with the biggest lies told about today’s music industry. With the rise of technology, the music industry has certainly changed, but there are many rumors spreading about that are simply not true.

The first lie is that great music will organically find its fit in the music industry. Great music is only part of being successful in the music industry. Many great songs vanish into obscurity, as there is little financing or marketing behind these songs. Today, popular music is lead by the big record labels who are able to reach the most amount of people.

Another lie spreading around the music industry is that major record labels will eventually die. Although there are more niche artists than before, major record labels are still controlling the popular music and the money. These major record labels are perfecting the art of building and maintaining their artists careers.

Selling digital music is better for revenue than the physical product. This is false. Digital sales volumes are at an all-time low. Artists who are able to sell CDs and vinyl are able to make more money than by selling online. Japan, for example, is currently has the biggest market for recorded music thanks to their strong physical music sales.

There is a half-lie on this list as well. Many people believe that all the money in music is in touring these days. While this can be true for artists like Pretty Lights and other EDM artists, this is not the case for most artists. Most artists are struggling on the road and have to cut their careers because it simply is not worth the money. There is no middle class in music. The music industry today is split into rich artists and starving artists.

The article ends with the presumed lie that streaming is the future of music. This is tough to tell since most of the streaming websites are finding trouble in obtaining profits. YouTube has been giving away music for free, which could be the future of music.

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