The Digital Millennium Copyright Act

Here is a presentation on the importance of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. For the full text, click here

How Time Travel Will Save The Music Industry

Technology is changing the music industry. Joel DeRoss believes we can do it with time travel. With ideas as far out as virtual reality, check out this TedTalk from Tedx Melbourne from an entertainment industry  music producer, DJ, event organizer and record label owner.

A Modest Proposal For Fixing The Music Industry

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Brian McTear grew up wanting to be a rock star, but he had one problem: In the late ‘90s, we all just stopped paying for music. How can a hard-working musician or producer make a living now? McTear, with his project Weathervane Music, has stumbled on a way — and it’s both practical and deeply focused on our shared love of music. And yes, his model can work for all kinds of content creators.

The Best Free Music Streaming Services

Here are some of the best free music streaming services. There are so many options to legally listen to and discover new music.

How To Avoid Copyright Infringement

In the internet age, issues surrounding copyright law have become an increasingly pressing issue. Technology makes it easy to copy, alter, share information and intellectual property. This includes anything from text and audio to images and video. A major problem that we are facing today is that people do not fully understand the copyright laws, potentially resulting in an illegal and costly situation. I recently came across a blog by Daniel Scocco on Daily Blog Tips, that discusses some important dos and don’ts of copyright law. This inspired me to share some thoughts of my own on the issue as it is important to help spread this information and educate others on copyright law so that they can avoid finding themselves on the wrong side of the law.

Copyright Laws You Should Get To Know

The growth of the internet has only helped to facilitate copyrighted material and make it increasingly more complicated to protect artists under the law. It is important to know the basics of copyright law in order to understand why these laws are in place, how they help to drive the creative process, and how to avoid unintentionally using copyrighted material illegally. With that in mind, here are three copyright laws that you should get to know.

The 10 Most Popular Albums Of 2015

2015 was an exciting time for music. There were a number of new albums released, from artists new and old, that continually shape and advance the culture. Here are 10 of the most popular albums from the last year.

Music Industry is Booming in India

India has the second largest population in the world, and its economy is growing rapidly. These are two conditions have helped the music industry boom as well. According to this recent article, a number of different music genres are beginning to experience substantial growth throughout the country.

“The music industry in India is booming – all of it is,” according to Nikhil Chinapa, the curator of the annual Vh1 Supersonic fest in Goa.

When asked about the growth of music genres in the country, he had this to say: “ Festivals often showcase a diverse range of music and quite honestly, the success of electronic music festivals has encouraged people to start new jazz, blues, traditional music, rock and even food festivals in India.”

To read the entire story, please check out the link below.

Music industry in India is booming: Nikhil Chinapa

Common Lies Told About the Music Industry

Christopher Sabec is an entertainment lawyer specializing in the music industry. He has herd many people talk about the music industry, and a lot of it has no basis for truth. Get some great insight into how the music industry actually operates because many ideas about the industry are actually large misconceptions. Here are some common lies told about the music industry.

Inspiring Quotes From Dave Matthews Band

Christopher Sabec provides a collection of some inspiring quotes from his favorites songs by Dave Matthews Band. Christopher discovered DMB many years ago and still enjoys listening to them to this day. Feel free to share any of your favorite quotes as well. Would love to hear your favorite songs and stories!