Christopher Sabec Biography Part 2

Christopher Sabec - the song remains the sameNotwithstanding his political interests, Christopher Sabec was fascinated with music throughout his childhood. While he had taken various music lessons, he never considered himself a musician. He was a consumer, rather than a creator, of music. In 1975, the local top 40 station was his entry point to the popular music of the time and many evenings he found himself dialing their request line asking the DJs to play songs like Jackie Blue by the Ozark Mountain Daredevils or Philadelphia Freedom by Elton John. Christopher bought his first record while Christmas shopping in 1976: Wings Over America, by Paul McCartney and Wings. More accurately, his father bought the record for him after his pleading requests, but not before commenting derisively, “What?…that hop head?!?!” The confusion of the statement could not have dampened Christopher’s enthusiasm for the record, and within short order, he made his way to The Beatles, Boston, Led Zeppelin, Peter Frampton, Fleetwood Mac, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, and other staples of rock radio.

Although Christopher Sabec did not realize at the time, a foreshadowing of his future as an entrepreneur in the music business occurred in October of 1980, early in his sophomore year of high school. John Bonham had just died and the Led Zeppelin concert scheduled to occur at the local arena had been canceled. As the Sophomore Class Treasurer, Christopher had an Idea: he would rent a print of the Led Zeppelin concert film, The Song Remains the Same, and screen it the night the concert had been scheduled to take place. Part memorial service and part class fundraiser, the event was a huge success and very profitable for the class treasury. Two more movies followed that year, with screenings of Rust Never Sleeps and Woodstock. Through these events, Christopher raised the bar on class fundraisers and recognized the power music has to bring people together and generate income.